Disney World

February 2006

Well, it was bound to happen. Presumably the impetus was the Society of Research on Nicotine and Tobacco conference at which Brian was presenting. But my guess is that the family would not have been quite as keen for Brian to accept that gig if it was in Cleveland or Buffalo ... In any case, the family enjoyed the sun and the sights. We hope you do too! As you know, click a photo for the full size picture!

Micah appears to be a bit suspicious of this ... well ... thing, and I don't blame him!

Micah Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Mommy

Micah makes a friend at the pool ...

Looking out of Pooh's house

Daddy and Micah playing in the pool

He was even Goofier in person (or, I guess, in "dog")

Micah pauses to consider all of the economic and social forces behind Disney World

I was frightened, but Micah wasn't

Uncle Tandy and Aunt Jane came to visit!

Mommy and Micah share a moment at the pool

Donald doesn't seem concerned about his tendency to central obesity

We just HAD to meet Mickey!!

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