Purim and More

March 2007

Sadie's first Purim, and Micah maxes out on costumes ...

The artist at work

Sadie Julia with a little smile ...

And a big smile!

Our little fireman with his friends

Noa came for a visit

Roni and her Mommy

Micah and Sadie are pretty comfy with each other!

Roni gets a smile out of Sadie

Nadav gives Sadie a hug

More Micah and Sadie

Mayor Luke reads Dr. Seuss (Micah wasn't impressed ... he insisted on leaving in the middle!)

Micah shows off his little town

Micah the Monkey shows off his cars

Micah and Mommy play at the carnival

Daddy and Micah try their luck

Micah and Sophie (Yes, Micah did have three different costumes this Purim ...)

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