Summer Smorgasbord

August 2009

Cool cars, colored tongues, and coloraturas

The kids are "car crazy" these days ...

... so we went to a real drag car / funny car race!

Hanging out with friends Vivian and Joelle

And then they all watched "The Magic Flute" together. They weren't even scared of the Queen of the Night.

Sadie is much more interested in Micah's jammies than her own

Micah and Sadie having fun together

Jen took the kids to the water park in New Hampshire

Blueberry picking!

Micah hanging out over breakfast

A congratulatory hug after mini golf

Wrestling in the hotel while on vacation

Sadie and best friend Eliza are already doing each others' hair!

The gang did the annual trip to Idlewild

Micah and Kallie go for a ride ...

... as do Sadie and Jenna

Not sure what it was ... but it must have been tasty!

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