Turtles and Mr. McFeely

November 2009

Two of the Best Things on Earth!

The annual "Mommy is a Mummy" event

Making fresh pasta (it had been a while!)

Sadie's job was to flour the noodles

And Micah rolled them in the machine!

We made a family of turtles out of clay

The turtles have a family meeting!

Gazing at sliver clouds at the Warhol

The zebra costume

Wow! That is a little scary, Sophie!

Sadie's hand-knitted hat

Cowboy, doggie, and kitty

Eliza is having fun

One of the greatest benefits of living in Pittsburgh!

Leigh wows the kids with his technological magic

Brian went to Micah's preschool to teach about electricity

Romi and Micah, striking a pose

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