Assorted Springy Stuff

April 2010

A Whole Lotta Love, And Broken Gutters

One of Micah and Daddy's zoo adventures

The killer smile

Pig tails!

A shot of the gutter, for posterity. Maybe someday the guy we hired will actually fix it!

Pizza is sort of mandatory at a water park, right?

Daddy helps Sadie play a racing game

Look how cute my date was at the air hockey table!

Avi, Micah, and Sadie at Bounce U

Why does Daddy always make the same face when Micah takes his picture?

Sadie's dress from Ethiopia

The boys are playing with the camera again

Our back seat movie stars

Smiley boy

*Unposed* shot of my sister Gretchen's animals!

Eliza, Sadie, and Abigail goofing off

Future soccer star

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