A Couple of Camping Trips

July 2010

No Alligator or Bear Sightings This Time

Now *this* is what I call real men. How do I get them to hang out with me??

After camping overnight, we went to the beachfront at the lake

Brother and sister hanging out at the beach

Sadie was buzzing with excitement

Micah caught his first fish! (Yes, we threw it back)

We saw the alligator, but we decided not to tease him

The kids' camping crowd

Dahlia, Melanie, Ellie, Sadie, and Micah

My sweet little girl taking a swing

Micah and Sadie also took a separate trip to see Bubbe and Zayde in their cabin in the woods

Here they are planting a hosta in their "secret spot"!

A silly moment for all!

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