The Faire Maiden and the Fool

September 2010

Sadie and Brian take in Renfest 2010

We started with breakfast at a 21st century diner

Very excited to go back in time!

It was, shall we say, "different" in the 16th century

"Flourish and Fool" was the show highlight this year

But the overall highlight, of course, was face painting!

We got a private story from this lovely damsel who gave Sadie a little ring

Here they are, posing together

Sadie also got to have tea with the princess ...

... and then to watch Sleeping Beauty as performed by Polly and Molly

Here is the enraptured crowd

I didn't realize they had trans fats in the 16th century

And the grand finale ... a show with doggies, at Sadie's request. We're already looking forward to next year!

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