Last Chance Pix for 2010

December 2010

Look at all this stuff I almost didn't post!

Good old fashioned duckpin bowling ... can your arcade do this?

Speaking of old fashioned, when was the last time you played with original Tinkertoys?

Our 2010 trip to the Warhol museum

Micah and Daddy stayed late at school to do a puzzle they had sitting around

Micah and Daddy also built a miniature sukkah for Lev, the school mascot!

Sadie, Micah, and Daddy saw an Indonesian fashion show

And the kids loved the gamelon music! (Interestingly, the person introducing them didn't know what it was ... she pronounced it "game-lawn")

Micah and Sadie at the Sports Center

One of Jenny's shows at a local synagogue

The Upcycled Designs table

At Sadie's friend Sammy's house, we made our own pizzas

Here we are at the Science Center

At another of Mommy's shows, a vendor gave the kids peacock feathers to play with

Micah and his good friend Jonathan from school

Micah and Zora playing "The Game of Life"

Lauren and Jen with the kiddos at an engagement party we had for Lauren and Josh

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