Keeping Warm

January 2011

In Pittsburgh, it's a pretty good strategy to stay indoors in January ...

Sadie finds a cozy box to hang out in

Micah and his friend Lena in a project at school

Woo hoo! We (almost ...) won the Super Bowl!

Kaplas and cars and creativity

Daddy ordered the family singing Valentines from Ari Finklestein -- what a voice!

Ah, lounging around on Sunday mornings!

Micah made his own store for us to buy things from

Look out Julia Child: Hamentaschen filled with nutella and peanut butter cups -- enough said!

Micah and Sadie with friends Allie (left) and Emma (right)

The same gang in silly mode

Micah's project on Benjamin Banneker, decorated with pieces of the inside of a clock because Banneker built an innovative clock

Be afraid, be very afraid ...

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