Bubbe and Zayde Camp

July 2011

The kids' best camp of the summer was in Western Maryland with the grandparents

Found some snake skin -- cool!

Ah, the country

But there was culture too -- here the kids are doing a scavenger hunt in art museum

Let's see who can keep the most still ...

Sadie is checking out the ducks


Zayde takes Micah and Sadie into the lake to swim

The kids learned a term I didn't know: "trompe l'oeil"


Just jammin' in the living room

Roasting marshmallows ...

... and enjoying the result!

Teddy bear train ride

Sadie picking blueberries

A mosaic lesson -- what a studio!

Yep, he's holding a snake

And a starfish

Shower time!

The gang took in a local baseball game of the Frederick Keys

Fireworks after the baseball game

A real pow-wow

Hello froggie!

The kids in the garden

It was great fun, but it's great to be home too! (Micah took this picture)

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