The New House

August 2011

A potpourri of projects

The exterior will be something to figure out. Almost 100 years of Pittsburgh has left its mark!

I am building a library -- splurged for pine because I just couldn't do the pressboard thing

We have been producing garbage in even greater quantities than usual!

Time to fix the sidewalk ...

John and I are finalizing plans for tiling inside Grandma's old fireplace. I'm so glad they didn't paint over the old mahogany.

We went brighter than we expected in the kitchen, but it really works!

The orange/red entryway welcomes everyone warmly! Come see us!

The blue/green we picked for the living room Sadie also picked for her room

Two of the first things we moved into the house: Jen's dried bouquet in a "neighbors" vase from Christy and Thomas, and a quirky heirloom from Jen's aunt

The hallway we ended up leaving cream to highlight the stained glass window

The wood floors before refinishing ...

... and after!

Cute stuff from the prior resident teen

Lots of sanding, prepping, and painting to do

Exterior paint will be next Spring's project

We're leaving many of the unique touches

This combination of stickers was quirky, but ultimately I did decide to scrape them off

More future tile projects ...

We completely redid the 3rd floor bathroom, including a washer/dryer right next to Jen's new studio

Supplies, supplies, supplies

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