Summer Potpourri

August 2011

This is one of those things where I was cleaning off the phone

OK, so this is Micah and Zora from last fall; but like I said, I was cleaning off the phone

Micah's friend Ori outside Community Day School

Sadie drew this picture of kitty cats enjoying the weather

Some of Micah's creations at a science center camp

It's not summer without a slug or two!

Micah and Daddy detailed the cars

The kids at Hannah's bat mitzvah, getting ready ...

... and getting silly

We never tire of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

The kids playing together

Watermelon creation at the Gilboas' house

Ah, summer

Micah and Daddy went to a live show with New York's Pearl and the Beard

So close!

Photo shoot

Sadie kayaking at Lake Elizabeth, on Pittsburgh's north shore

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