Upcycled Update

January 2013

Innovation is the rule at Upcycled Designs!

Classic. Just classic. And it's even a purple dress.

Jen's shirt is the highlight of the official Pittsburgh Penguins store!

A display of Jen's stuff in the Penguins' PensGear store on the South Side of Pittsburgh

Gorgeous! Ready for a tabling event.

Jen custom-made a quilt out of a dog's bandanas for his owner

Go Pens!

Oh, I wanted this one so much for Sadie, but alas it was sold

Purple patchwork

A memory pillow out of someone's old tie collection!

Star Wars is a big seller again. What is this, 1980?

A new take on the classic Christmas dress

Zora wearing a custom-made skirt emblazoned with her favorite things

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