A Little About Washington

Washington DC is not only the home of political scandal! (Thank goodness.) If you have an extra day, we suggest the Smithsonian Institution, a free collection of some of the best art, history, and space memorabilia in the world! For animal lovers, the free National Zoo is not to be missed -- make sure you hello to the new Pandas and that you visit the "Think Tank" exhibit at which Karen Primack volunteers. Other entertainment depends, of course, on your interest and creativity. Click any of the links below to get more tourist information than you need about our nation's Capital City.


The Washington Post (a great restaurant listing!)

The Metro (our subway)


As far as logistics, Washington is accessible from three major airports which are all about equidistant from Silver Spring -- Dulles Airport, National Airport, and Baltimore-Washington International Airport. From each of these a shuttle called Super Shuttle is the easiest mode of transportation to Silver Spring. Reservations are not necessary from the airport; they are only needed on the way back to the airport from the hotel. Contact Aron Primack for discount coupons for Super Shuttle!

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